25 Jul 2013

Story 2.4: The Problem with Death

‘Where am I?’ I asked again.
‘Welcome to Hell, Miss Parker.’

The Doctor and Caroline take Danny to Xanji-For - the home world of Aleena - to help with his condition, which has been rapidly deteriorating.

Things, however, do not go to plan when they come up against a hostile Aleena and the Outer-Zoners - people banished for not believing in Ireel, the Xanji God.

The Doctor heads into City Nazar, but soon finds more problems when the Xanji God decides to put in an appearance.

Is Ireel genuine? Has Caroline really been transported to Hell? And can the Xanji finally help Danny, as well as repair the Doctor's regenerating predicament?

This is the fourth story in the second series of adventures starring the Doctor, Caroline, Danny and guest appearances from Aleena and Matthew Cole.

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