4 Apr 2014

Story 3.4: The Story of Ivy Coldstone

“Tell me about Ivy. Tell me how you met her.”
“Please, Doctor,” she said. “I’d like to know her. Then maybe I can pay my respects as well.”

Ivy Coldstone is dead. Killed in a shuttle explosion whilst on route to her home on one of the Mars colony bases.

The Doctor, with Alice in tow, travels to Mars to say goodbye to his former travelling companion.

Whilst there the Doctor tells Alice about how they met back in London, 1859. A story that features love, death, a mysterious egg...and a very different Doctor...

This is the fourth story of series 3, featuring Richard O'Brien as the Doctor, Louise Brearley as Alice, Rebecca Mader as Ivy and introducing Eddie Izzard as the previous Doctor.

This four-part story will begin publication from April 5th 2014 and continue with a part every Saturday throughout the month.

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