2 May 2014

Story 3.5: The Fall of the Eye

“The Doctor will defeat you,” said Ivy defiantly as the nurse injected her in the neck. She felt the world fade into a grey fug...and then nothing.

The General smiled. “Always have two plans up your sleeve.”

The Doctor has been captured by General Helix, commander of the Eyeglass; a company born out of the ashes of the old Torchwood Institute. After claiming to want to better the Human race, they have since gone on to become a problem for the Earth government.

Meanwhile Alice and Ivy escape Mars in an escape pod and head towards Earth where they befriend a young woman called Anna.

Whilst the Doctor is detained on board the command ship Nautilus, Alice, Ivy and Anna travel to Central City to find some way to finally put a stop to the General and the Eyeglass.

But how much longer can Alice fight the thing that is threatening to eat her up from the inside?

This is the fifth story of series 3, featuring Richard O'Brien as the Doctor, Louise Brearley as Alice, Rebecca Mader as Ivy and Liam Neeson as General Heelix.

This four-part story will begin publication from May 3rd 2014 and continue with a part every Saturday throughout the month. The fifth week in May will feature the special one-part story, "Sisters".

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