4 Sep 2014

Story 3.7: The Trees of Cologne (The Missing Story)

“Are you sure this is safe?” said Mary, trying to keep up with the Doctor.
“Nothing is safe, Mary,” said the Doctor.

The Doctor has taken some time away from Tylaya and Maxus. He has taken them to the German city of Cologne and has disappeared into the city, leaving them stuck in a hostel with no contact with him.

Whilst the Doctor gets to know barmaid Mary, Maxus struggles with his emotions and the continual realisation that Tylaya isn't the same person she used to be.

But whilst the three travellers cope with their own problems, down below the ground something is stirring and the trees of Cologne are coming...

This four-part story will begin publication from Sunday 7th September 2014. It was originally supposed to be published BEFORE "Before the Dawn". Events after the latter story will continue in October with "The Curse of Nosferatu". This story will be placed in its correct position in the Story Index.

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