1 Dec 2014

Series Finale: The Lives of the Doctor

Alice turned and marched away from him, her arms folded. She turned back. “I don’t know why you
don’t just deal with this once and for all. You heard what the Master said. There is a way. Get the bloody hell into that Nest and save yourself like you saved me!”

The Doctor has a decision to make: work with the Master to save his life, or die.

No matter what he does, the Master is going to break into the Nest anyway, and he's got the Doctor's friends on his side.

As the Doctor finds himself in an impossible position, he soon learns that maybe not all is what it seems and a big revelation is just around the corner.

This is the final story in the Darkpaths series, and the final story to feature Richard O'Brien as the Doctor. The story begins on Sunday December 7th 2014.

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