28 Oct 2013

Story 2.6: Call of the Spirits

Danny shook his head and gazed out to sea again. “Why would you want to help them? They’re crazy!”
“Because,” said Adrian, walking up behind his brother and talking over his shoulder, “each one of those crazy beings used to be a Human being.”

August 13th 2012

The Doctor finally get's the TARDIS to where he needs to be - the church in Thornsby containing the shed containing the dimensions of the Apparite world. He has one thing to do - shut the place down for good.

Meanwhile, Danny reunites with his long-lost brother, but his brother his different. His brother has been changed.

Caroline also has to face up to a few things - namely the parents who adopted her when she was a baby. Can she ever get over the secrets that were kept from her?

Thing's are coming to a close, and not everyone's going to get out of this alive...

This is the final story in season 2 for The Doctor, Caroline and Danny.

Beginning Friday 1st November

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