1 Jan 2014

Story 3.1: Village of the Daleks

“Do you reckon we should?” said Alice, a little worried.
“Do YOU reckon we should?” asked the Doctor. “Or do you want to go back home?”
“If I step through those doors, my life’s never gonna be the same is it?”

In the small English village of Little Pebbleford, something is stirring. Something buried underneath tons of rock. An evil menace that has travelled across the galaxy and fallen through time to remain dormant for countless many years.

The Daleks.

For schoolteacher, Alice Stokes, her life is never going to be the same again. Especially not after she meets the mysterious school caretaker known as the Doctor...

This is the first story of Series 3 featuring Richard O'Brien as the Doctor, and introducing Louise Brealey as Alice Stokes.

This four-part story will begin publication from January 4th 2014 and be updated every Saturday until the end of the month.

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