31 Jan 2014

Story 3.2: The Tipping Point

“Well why are we here then?” she said, getting confused.
“Ah, it’s what happens here that’s interesting,” he grinned. “It’s a few centuries into your future and this is one of the first colony worlds of the Human Empire.”

The Doctor takes Alice to her first alien world - the lifeless, icy planet known as Issenttii.

At first thing's seem a little dull for the new time traveller, but the Doctor reveals that the planet is a key stone in the Earth Empire's colonisation of planets throughout the galaxy.

And Issenttii is hiding a secret. A secret that will divide the Doctor and Alice.

This is the second story of series 3, featuring Richard O'Brien as the Doctor and Louise Brearley as Alice.

This four-part story will begin publication from February 1st 2014 and continue with a part every Saturday throughout the month.

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