25 Feb 2014

NEWS: Upcoming Stories

Hi everyone!

I hope you're all enjoying the week so far, and I hope you're still enjoying the stories of Richard O'Brien's Darkpaths Doctor. Coming up on Saturday is the first part of "Reflections", but before then I've got a little bit of information regarding a trio of upcoming single-part stories.

In 4 different months - March, May, August and November - there will be FIVE Saturdays. Instead of extending that months story to five parts, the normal monthly story will be followed by a 1 part story. So, far example, "Reflections" is 4 parts, and the following Saturday - the LAST Saturday - in March, will have a single-part story called "Home".

"Home" will feature Alice returning back to Little Pebbleford to "catch her breath" before the next load of adventures for her. Then in May we will have "Sisters" which will give us a chance to meet her four sisters. August and Novembers stories are still being developed, but once we have more information, I'll let you know about them.

So, for now, keep reading and please enjoy!

"All my incarnations
Standing in a row.
When they are dead
Where do they go?"

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