27 Feb 2014

Story 3.3: Reflections

“What’s wrong?” said Alice, not daring to look into the broken mirror herself.
“Mirrors are interesting things,” said the Doctor. “Jimi Hendrix once claimed to have seen a ghost walk past him whilst he was shaving.”
“I think we should get out of here.”

Owensby. A village in the North of England. Grey, dark, always rain and windswept, and with very little happening.

Until the villagers began to disappear. And then UNIT were called in. And then their soldiers began to disappear.

Now the Doctor and Alice, accompanied by the last remaining resident - Barry - are the only ones that can solve the mystery of Owensby. But the mirrors have all been broken, because something moved inside of them...

This is the third story of series 3, featuring Richard O'Brien as the Doctor and Louise Brearley as Alice.

This four-part story will begin publication from March 1st 2014 and continue with a part every Saturday throughout the month.

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