30 Jul 2014

Story 3.8: Before the Dawn

"Is it true then?" said Tylaya. "Are we definitely in 2157?"
"Get inside!" said the Doctor angrily. "We'll discuss it when we're far, far away."

It's Earth, 2157

Peter White is a normal man. Married for many years to his wife, Martha, and living in the old country farmhouse that has family have owned for generations.

Peter's life is turned upside down when a meteorite storm destroys his world forever.

One year later and Peter is the head of a group of survivors hiding in a department store in the middle of town. They're fighting to stay alive, fighting to save themselves from the plague, and fighting against an alien menace...

...an alien menace that the Doctor has fought time and time again...

The Dalek Invasion of Earth has begun!

 This five-part story will begin publication from Saturday August 2nd and will continue with a part every Saturday throughout the month.

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