1 Oct 2014

Darkpaths: Looking to the future and series 4

In three months time "Doctor Who: Darkpaths" series 3 will come to an end in "The Lives of the Doctor". With the conclusion of this story will come the conclusion to a story line that I can trace back as far as my childhood days at school. Ideas for stories that gestated for years and years until I finally achieved my aim to get them told of the pages of this blog.

It has been a long three years for me writing this series, but the series is going to come to it's natural conclusion in "The Lives of the Doctor". For me that is the end of it.

The end of that particular story, that is.

During thinking about where I wanted to go with a future series, I decided to take a somewhat fresh approach to Series 4. We'll have a new Doctor, new companions and a new story line. By the time I had jotted down all my ideas I realised that the series could no longer continue as Darkpaths. It had to have a new name.

So, in 2015 the series will become Doctor Who: Resurrection. Although the two series are most definitely connected, with the new Doctor following from the current O'Brien incarnation, there will be a gap between his birth and when we pick up the story in the first Resurrection series. The series will also have it's own blog. It'll be a jumping on point for any new readers. Story lines started in Darkpaths will drip into Resurrection, but they will be woven in slowly for newer readers and they will be story lines that are explored in "Family" and "The Lives of the Doctor".

As we wind up Darkpaths in December I will reveal more about the new series and the identity of the next Doctor, but for now please enjoy what is left of Series 3!

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