29 Oct 2014

Story 3.10: Family

"All of this here all began with one, little nursery rhyme.” He smiled at their confused faces. “And it all started so long ago.”

Maxus and Tylaya return to Central City to try and patch things up with Ty's parents, but the end is drawing near for her and time is running out.

The Doctor, meanwhile, returns to Casterby House in Little Pebbleford, where he has a run in with one of Alice's sisters.

But on Mount Cassius, the Master continues his plan. There he has gathered friends of the Doctor where he recounts a tale from the past of a family matter...and a mysterious package arrives from somewhere else...

'Family' is the penultimate story to Doctor Who: Darkpaths, and "features" Richard O'Brien as the Doctor, Louise Brearley as Tylaya, Idris Elba as Maxus, Terry O'Quinn as Reikon, Henry Ian Cusick as the Master, Harry Lloyd as Caleb, Carice van Houten as Celestia, Clare Danes as Aleena and Maisie Williams as Millie.

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