9 Apr 2013

Season 2: What's To Come...

So, season 1 is over and I hope you've enjoyed what you've read so far.

There are a number of questions left to be asked and I promise that they will be answered in season 2. If the first season was about asking the questions then the next season is about answering them. By the end of the next six stories the story of Caroline, Danny and the Doctor will be (more or less) complete.

Season 2 will differ also because each of the stories is about an aspect that is connected to each of our characters. The first season had more stand alone adventures, but, although the second season has stand alone stories, they are more tied to a character.

Before the start of the next batch of stories I will be posting a "Story So Far" which will get you up to speed if you've forgotten any of the important events that occurred. It will hopefully enable you to just go straight into the stories without having to struggle to remember things that happened 6 months or even a year ago.

So, what can we expect in season 2?

"Lost in Time" features Caroline stranded in 1901 and the Doctor and Danny in 1987.

"The Lighthouse" has the return of Aleena and our first proper visit to her lighthouse.

"Lockdown" is a story of people being killed by something sinister being broadcast by a pirate radio station.

"The Problem with Death" has a visit to Aleena's home world and a look at her own people.

"Special: The First Eleven" is our 50th anniversary story, featuring a bounty hunter travelling back to collect the first Eleven incarnations of the Doctor (remember, our Doctor ISN'T the 12th...it's never specified which number he is).

"The Story of the Ancestors" will be the big one and will take a huge, sweeping look at everything that has happened to Thornsby and the people directly involved with the ghostly Apparites, stitching together all the events that led up to "The Ghosts of Winter"

"Call of the Spirits" will bring the second season, and indeed the current storyline, to a close in climactic style as everyone's life is put on the line and are characters finds (hopefully) some resolutions.

So please stick with us and if you have any thoughts or even want to contribute, please contact us.

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