19 Apr 2013

Story 2.1 - Lost In Time

“Merry Christmas Miss Parker.”
“Bloody kiss me again, Mr Fieldgate!”

Caroline wakes up in Thornsby, 1901, where she meets the young William Fieldgate and his family. Faced the possibility of being stuck there for the rest of her life, she gets a job and settles into a life a 110 years before she met the Doctor.

Meanwhile, in 1987, the Doctor and Danny are trying to figure out a way to retrieve the TARDIS and get Caroline back. But the Doctor soon loses his grip on Danny as he meets a young barmaid called Lisa.

And soon dark times from the town's past are uncovered as the Doctor realises that there is even more going on than he first thought, and decisions must be made. Decisions which will effect his two companions forever...

This is the first story from Season 2, featuring the Doctor, Caroline and Danny

Due to begin Wednesday May 1st 2013

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