15 Apr 2013

The Story So Far...(spoilers for season 1)

Please do not read unless you have read all of the stories from season 1. This is simply intended as a guide to get everyone up to speed before the start of season 2.


Upon regenerating into this latest incarnation his body suffered a failure. He was unable to regenerate into his next incarnation, and before his Watcher - an echo of his future - could help him kickstart the process, he was rescued by the blue-skinned female known as Aleena and taken to her lighthouse to recover.
At first the Doctor was unaware of what had happened to him, oblivious to the fact that the Watcher was trapped in Manchester Airport on Earth, slowly evolving into a fully-fledged Human being.
He set out on his way, fighting back the inevitability of death, with the hope that Aleena could find a cure. He eventually arrived in Thornsby, 2011, where he met Caroline Parker and Danny Lennon. The Doctor and his companions finally arrived at Manchester Airport where the Doctor's memories of being here returned and the truth about his lost Watcher were discovered.
And so now he travels with Danny and Caroline with the Watcher in suspended animation, trying to find answers for himself and his companions and with the clock slowly ticking over his head.


Caroline was 29 when she met the Doctor in Thornsby. She soon discovered that there were some deep, hidden powers inside her that even the TARDIS couldn't detect and agreed to travel with the Doctor and her best friend, Danny Lennon, to try and find answers.
Throughout her life she had felt that some things weren't right. She had fallen out with her overprotective parents and even had a relationship with Danny during her teenage years, but she had never come close to finding out answers. And it had affected her personal life as well, falling pregnant and then the baby ceasing to exist after only a few months.
But she managed to settle into the time-travelling life, always wondering what was next to come around the corner and always hoping that one day answers would come. But even the TARDIS was unwilling to take her home. It was almost as if it was frightened for her to discover the truth...


Danny was back in Thornsby visiting his parents when he was dragged into the Doctor's world. But his world was thrown into chaos when he almost drowned and accidentally invited an Apparite - one of the ghosts haunting Thornsby - into his body. From then on it lay dormant inside of him, giving him violent moodswings and causing him to lash out and lie to the Doctor and Caroline. He kept it a secret for such a long time, but he eventually discovered the truth. The Apparite wasn't controlling him - it was as trapped as he was and simply wanted to escape.
We also learnt that Danny still had feelings Caroline, and he also had a brother - Adrian - who was taken by the Apparites in 2004. And so Danny continues to travel with the Doctor and Caroline, hoping that one day he'll be free of the madness that sits inside his soul.


Aleena comes from a moon called Equinox. She lives in an abandoned lighthouse which has built-in Dalek technology, allowing her to watch all of time and space. That's when she found the Doctor and became one of his "biggest fans". When she discovered the Doctor in some distress after regenerating at Manchester Airport, she rescued him and took him back to Equinox and helped to nurse him back to health.
But soon the Doctor left to try and find a cure to his problem, with Aleena doing research and looking for answers for her friend.


Matthew was the Doctor's Watcher - a future echo of the Doctor's next incarnation that should only appear when the Doctor's life was in deadly peril. The Watcher would be able to push or kickstart the next regeneration.
However, something had gone wrong with the Doctor's regeneration and the Watcher had been abandoned at Manchester Airport. He began to soak up the environment and people aorund him until he became a fully-fledged Humanoid. He called himself Matthew Cole and when his absorbtion was "complete" he forgot all about his Watcher past and remained trapped at the Airport until the Doctor arrived and broke him free.
Now he remains on board the TARDIS in suspended animation, waiting for the time when the Doctor can reunite the two of them together and the Doctor can finally regenerate into his next incarnation.


The Eyeglass were born out of the remnants of Torchwood. They are a private company fleet from Earth operating off their own back. They consider anything alien to be beneath them and hunt the cosmos for technology to use for what they consider is to better the human race.
They are controlled by the mysterious man called the General who hires freelances, bounty hunters and fully-fledged members of the company.

Known members of The Eyeglass: The General, Magnus Blackmore (deceased), Annie Phipps (deceased), June Caster


Most information regarding the Ancestor's is shrouded in mystery. They operate from underneath St. James's church in Thornsby by a woman called Jayne Kennedy. The American-born Jayne has a team by her side which comprises Ben Featherstone and Margot as well as the outcast April Nivere. They may or may not have special powers and they are known to lie about their true origins.
One thing is sure certain though; they are involved with the mysterious, ghostly beings which the Doctor christened the Apparites. They appear to monitor their activity and deal with situations regarding them, and they have been doing this for a long, long time. But Jayne is also keen to find a final solution to deal with the Apparites, even allowing Thornsby to be thrown into jeopardy in the hope that the Doctor may find a solution.

Known members of The Ancestor's: Jayne Kennedy, Margot Dunlop, Ben Featherstone, April Nivere (left)

The Apparites on the other hand appear to be desperate creatures, intent on getting back to their own world - Earth. They used to be Human, but it is not known how they became the deformed, cloaked figures that they are now. They have the capabilities to bring people across to their dimension and even convert others to look like them. They crave the power of others and show a keen interest in Caroline Parker. They also have a strange connection to snow and the winter. They can take over your mind and body with the touch of a finger and can create psychic projections.

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