5 Sep 2013

50th Anniversary Special: The First Eleven

“The first eleven are…unique. There is something within their cell structure that I need. The 12th onwards does not have it. Bring me each one of them, alive, and I shall take what I need and then destroy them.”

How many Doctor's are there? Paragrim doesn't know. He doesn't even know how far in the future "his" incarnation of the Doctor is, but he knows he has one job: find and locate the first eleven incarnations of the Doctor.

His journey takes him from Snowcap base to the metal cities of Centrix and to Blackpool.

But as Paragrim continues his mission he soon starts to realise that perhaps not all is as it seems.

The is the 50th anniversary story from "Doctor Who: Darkpaths", featuring the first eleven Doctors and an array of companions. 

"The First Eleven" will begin on Saturday 7th September 2013.

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